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Hallo ! This page will be for my preorder campaigns, make sure to read the FAQs listed below before placing an order ! To adopt a little friend, please click on their photo to be redirected to their specific preorder page ! Thankie ! :•)

Preorder Updates !




Eggy Plushie Preorders
  • Preorders are OPEN !
  • First day of the Early Bird Promo
  • Paypal is disabled today
June 12, 2023
Eggy Plushie Preorders Preorders are officially closed! Expect an email update in a few days :•)
July 4, 2023
Eggy Plushie Preorders Email update was sent! Plushies are still in production :•)
July 17, 2023
Eggy Plushie Preorders Eggies have been shipped out by manufacturer and are on the way to me ! :•)
September 8, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Preorder Guidelines?

Plushies are for personal use only please do not resell or claim the design as your own.

I am not in control of delays (caused by but not limited to) shipping restrictions/delays, manufacturer's schedules, etc.

Plushies that are lost or mishandled during delivery are out of my control and unfortunately I cannot refund you if this happens, as the money you pay is mainly used for the production of your plushie and immediately put back into building my shop ;-; I do what I can to minimize these risks such as providing tracking numbers and wrapping all items securely.

However, if your plushie arrives with defects or deformities you may request for a partial refund, depending on the quality of the plushie you receive. These are plushies that may have accidentally passed my quality check, like plushies with ugly embroidery, missing legs or components, etc.

Make sure to video yourself opening the package to claim a refund in the small chance your plushie arrives a little wonky ! Please start the video with the package unopened for it to be valid :3

Once your preorder has been confirmed, I can’t give you a refund! Pls keep this in mind when placing an order!

If you wish to upgrade/add items to your order, please let me know! I can accommodate extra items to your order so long as I haven't shipped out your order yet :)

What is the General Preorder Timeline?

The average preorder campaign lasts around 4 to 5 months from the start of the campaign until the last day of shipping out the preorders !

All updates will be done on my social media for transparency, but for any super important ones, I will be sending memos via email so you don’t miss it. General preorder updates will be listed above in the Preorder Updates section as well !

What are the available shipping options for Philippine orders?

Please expect about 90 - PHP for shipping depending on your area! I will be using J&T for all nationwide orders, while local (Cebu) orders will be delivered through Grab Express !

Shipping time is approximately 5 - 10 days.

Same day delivery is available for Cebu orders. Please note that the same day delivery does not include the time allotted to pack and prepare the parcel.

Philippine Shipping Rates Chart

What are the available shipping options for International orders?

I will shipping your order via PHLPost or Private Courier (Inline Forwarder) !

Zone 1-5 : Inline Forwarder
Zone 6-7 : PHLPost

Shipping through InLine forwarder takes an average of 4-6 weeks, while PHLPost takes 6-8 weeks. All orders includes a tracking number that you can use to track the progress of your shipment :•)

A gentle reminder that I am not in control of delays or suspensions made by the courier, but I will make sure to update everyone should there be any delays! Also, I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged during transit as it is out of my control ;-; hope u understand.

I can ship to most countries but please check that your country is listed in our Shipping Zones Chart before placing an order! Please note that the fees listed do not include any taxes you may need to pay (depending on where you live). If you move addresses in the middle of the pre-order campaign, please contact me asap!

Intl. Shipping RatesIntl. Shipping Zones

How do I pay?

Payments will be processed via Paypal and Paymongo (Visa, Mastercard, GCash, GrabPay, Maya, BillEase, BPI, UBP, and Atome)

Please pay the full price of the plushie to fulfill your pre-order.

Delivery fee and/or customs fees will be shouldered by the customer.

Please note that I will not accept refunds once you have sent payment.

What are the Preorder Rates & Inclusions?

Preorder rates & inclusions can be found in the product listing of the specific plushie you wish to adopt ! Discounted Early Bird rates apply on the first 3 days of preorders only !

* please take note these rates do not include shipping fees yet! *

Care Instructions

Eggo Boi Care Sheet
♡ Please hand wash and spot clean only, do not put your Eggo Boi in the washing machine or dryer as it may affect its overall shape.

♡ Hand wash with soapy water or mild detergent only, you may use color safe bleach to spot clean any tough stains.

♡ After washing, soak up excess water with a towel then leave to air dry. I use a hair dryer in its lowest setting to speed this up !

♡ Please do not leave pets or infants with Eggo Boi unattended ! For ages 6 and up !

Kwekie Care Sheet
♡ Hand wash with soapy water or mild detergent only, please don't use a washing machine or dryer ! You may use color safe bleach to spot clean any tough stains.

♡ Surface clean the cup keychain when needed, avoid submerging the metal parts in water.

♡ After washing, soak up excess water with a towel then leave to air dry. I use a hair dryer in its lowest setting to speed this up !

♡ Please do not leave pets or infants with Kwekie unattended ! For ages 6 and up !