I'm Angel, and I make cute art ! I hope my goodies bring a smile on your face every day :)

Goodies Here !
  • Eggo Boi

    Eggo Boi (he/him) is an egg with legs who likes long walks on the beach, watching shows on Netflix, and listening to you talk about your day (he is an EGGcelent listener). He is not the best with conversation (he is shy) so pls be nice to him.
  • Kwekie

    Kwekie (she/they) is a smol eggy with a big personality ! She likes going on adventures, experiencing new things, and most of all; she loves spending time with you!! She is so clingy, in fact, that she has a carrier cup you can clip on your bag or fave pair of jeans to keep her in when you’re running errands 🧡