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Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Temporary Tattoo Sheet

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✨ Temporary Tattoo Sheet (4 x 6”) ✨

♡ a temporary tattoo sheet with 20 different doodles to mix and match with!
♡ lasts an average of 5 days, can stay on for over a week with proper care
♡ tested it on myself (I have skin eczema) multiple times and did not get any rashes hooray ! If you have sensitive skin like me it may be best to do a patch test first
♡ item may have small imperfections that does not affect the overall integrity of the product :•) for any issues, pls send a message or reach me through my social media


How to Apply the Tattoo:

1. Cut around the tattoo you want to use, make to leave a good amount of white space around the design

2. Peel off the plastic/shiny sheet away, and place the design (doodle side down) to the part of your body you want to temporarily ink (I would suggest someplace not close to joints and doesn't rub on stuff too much, like your wrist/lower arms).

3. Take a wet cloth and blot over the back-side of the tattoo (the white paper-like sheet) until it is fully dampened and you can see the design through the paper backing.

4. Gently peel the paper backing off to reveal your new tattoo ! Yeay!

5. After a day or two, you might see some peeling, this is normal! A warm/hot bath can speed up this process. When the 'top' layer is peeled off, pat some powder over the tattoo to remove its stickiness and prolong its life!


Worldwide Shipping Available!

Note: items will be packed flat in a bubble mailer, all orders come with free tracking! Please be advised that shipping may take at least 4-6 weeks on average for international shipments (outside the Philippines) and 1-2 weeks for local shipments (within the Philippines). For any issues, pls send an email at :•)

©️ Designed by Angelazy Doodles, do not resell, trace or copy products and their designs. 

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